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The Dismal Scientist  The economists who write for this website provide intelligent commentary on global economic trends and news in a way that doesn't require a Ph.D. in economics to appreciate. Provides summaries and analysis of global economic data, timely commentary on current economic events, and a stock market valuation calculator that enables you to see for yourself if the market is overvalued.
EconData Guide to regional economic data on the Web with over 400 annotated links to socioeconomic data sources arranged by subject and provider of data. Also lists its ten best sites for finding regional economic data.
NetEc NetEc is a distributed collection of economics resources, which specializes in information about economics working papers.  It also points to a large annotated general economics pointers page (WebEc).
Resources for Economists on the Internet This resource has been hand-crafted for over four years, is exhaustively annotated, and is selective. It is divided into over 30 topical sections, including data, working papers, conference information, e-journals and zines, listservs, and usenet newsgroups.

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CPLSC's Parent's, Teacher's & Homeschooler's Page  Our own list of links for people who work with kids.
APPLICATIONS--Education This page is divided into major collections, specialized education sites, documents and reports, and indexes.
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Education Covers all grade level education resources, including adult, alternative, K-12, higher ed., and vocational. The home page contains a brief list of major education information and meta-sites.  Resources listed have been annotated and the entire IPL Ready Reference Collection is searchable.

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National Imagery and Mapping Agency  Rich in map-related resources, this site was created to provide timely, relevant, and accurate imagery, imagery intelligence, and geospatial information. Contents are declassified defense maps, specifications, and data gathered using imaging technology mounted on satellites and space shuttles.  

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Abraham Lincoln Papers This release, which includes 2,200 annotated documents (about 6,500 images), contains correspondence dated from March 1829 through June 1864 that was originally gathered by Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's son. Users can browse the collection chronologically or search by keyword. The site also includes two special presentations featuring original documents and images on the Emancipation Proclamation and Lincoln's assassination.
Afro-American Almanac This site presents "a historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution." Included are biographies, full-text books, folktales, documents, information about historic events, and trivia games.

American Folklore

"Contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends, Tall Tales, weather folklore and ghost stories from each of the 50 states." Indexes by state, character, ethnic group, region, historical period.

America's Story from America's Library This site "wants you to have fun with history while learning at the same time."  Includes letters, diaries, records and tapes, films, sheet music, maps, prints, photographs and digital materials.
The American Century, Part 1: Art & Culture, 1900 to 1950 Offers a selection of 100 images from this massive exhibition of over 1,200 works organized by the Whitney Museum of Art. The Web version concentrates on placing the artwork in its historical and cultural context. Virtual visitors proceed along a timeline where images and text marking significant events appear on the bottom, and thumbnail images of artwork on the top.
American Posters of World War One This exhibition Website is simply designed, presenting the posters as one long list of captioned thumbnails that link to larger views.
American Presidents: Life Portraits The site offers video files of the C-SPAN  television series. Includes visits to the birthplaces, homes, and important sites associated with each of the 41 chief executives of the United States.
Black History at Harpweek Black History features a timeline that lists the major events of slavery from the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia in 1619 to the raid on Harper's Ferry in 1859, plus two more timelines on the Civil War and Reconstruction. There are also many illustrations, such as the often reproduced Alfred Waud engraving of the first Black man to vote, the cover of the November 16, 1867 issue, and drawings and engravings that are the only action pictures from Civil War battlefields.

Center for Jewish History

Detailed information about this "central repository for the cultural and historical legacy of the Jewish people," a project of five respected research facilities. The Web site has online catalogs of their libraries and archives, and descriptions (including some images) of the center's exhibits and family history resources. The Center, in New York City,

has materials on Ashkenazic or Sephardic resources, Yiddish lanuage, Jewish art, and


Civil War@Smithsonian: Collecting, Preserving, Remembering the National Experience


This site, produced by the National Portrait Gallery, provides information and pictures from the Smithsonian Institution’s extensive collections on the United States Civil War. The collections represented include slavery and abolition, Abraham Lincoln, weapons, leaders, cavalries, navies, the surrender at Appomattox, and the life and culture of the time. A bibliography of resources and timeline of events relating to the war are also


Colonial Hall: Biographies of America's Founding Fathers An ongoing project to put the biographies of the founding fathers on the Web. These are currently divided into three categories: Signers of the Declaration, Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. The biographies are mostly scanned from two sources: Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence (1829), and The United States Manual of Biography and History (1856).

An online publication with articles, columns, and reviews about the events and culture of the United
States before the 20th century. 

Concrete Curtain: The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall The central feature of this fine site is a hypertext history of the Berlin Wall and the significant events of the cold war that featured prominently in its life and death. The hypertext offers maps, exhibitions, and sidebars to supplement the main historical narrative. The Annexes section gives a timeline of key events, excerpts from various books and speeches offering first person accounts of events at the Wall (including its demolishment), and a substantial bibliography of fiction and nonfiction texts about the Wall.
Conner Prairie: History Online Conner Prairie's page of history and museum links.
Distinguished Women Past & Present  Offers biographies of women.  Searchable by subject or name.  Other features include black history month, women in the news, links to related sites, and books about women. An experimental interactive site that invites users to piece together the life and world of an "ordinary" person in the past. The person in question is eighteenth-century midwife and healer Martha Ballard, whose diary was the basis for both a Pulitzer Prize winning book and the PBS film A Midwife's Tale. The site features thousands of pages of original documents -- including diaries, letters, maps, court records, town records, account books, and medical texts.  
The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition This online exhibit from the American Museum of Natural History documents Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 voyage to the Antarctic. With short text segments, diary excerpts, maps, and wonderful photos from expedition photographer Frank Hurley, the exhibit traces this remarkable story. A user's guide to the Declaration of Independence.  "Features one of the largest collections of writings from the American Founding era found on the Internet. The entire site is searchable, and provides users with step-by-step instruction in the political principles of constitutional government."
George Washington Online

"An interactive web site that teaches the life of our first President, with an emphasis on the character that allowed Washington to become the "father of his country." 

Great Lakes Maritime History Project This online archive of historical photographs serves as a visual record of maritime history, set on the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.  The site contains hundreds of photographs, and visitors may elect to search the entire collection of keywords, or browse through a list of predefined image collections such as barges, cargo ships, and shipwrecks. Each photograph is returned along with an image record that gives a brief description of the subject, the holding institution, and the place and time the photograph or image was generated or taken.
Harry S. Truman Digital Archive on the Web

The digital archive of the Truman Presidential Library. Whistlestop's collection contains over 750 pages of digitized documents. Selected by subject specialists, the documents range from press releases to letters to Truman's diary entries. Provides a brief description of each document.

Herblock's History: Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millennium

Editorial cartoonist Herbert Block has chronicled the nation's political history from the stock market crash in 1929 through the new millennium. Herblock's History celebrates Block's gift to the Library of Congress of more than one hundred works, spanning seventy years of world history. His cartoons are not only humorous but also enlightening and inspiring.

Historical Text Archive Links to archives, bibliographies, databases, journals, and history departments pages.  Arranged by topic or geographic area.
History Index  This virtual library is a great starting place for finding history on the Internet.
The History of Jim Crow Designed and created by educators from all across the country, this site is equipped with historical essays, lesson plans, and other resources to assist teachers. The site also contains an image gallery consisting of historical photographs from archives across America that offer visual perspectives of the Jim Crow years; and American literature book lists.
The History Place A wide-ranging, well-organized history site.
History and Politics Out Loud A searchable collection of invaluable audio materials which capture significant political and historical events and personalities of the twentieth century. The materials range from formal addresses delivered in public settings to private telephone conversations conducted from the innermost recesses of the White House.  Includes Nixon tapes among others.
Homecoming... Sometimes I am Haunted by Memories of Red Dirt and Clay  This companion site to a PBS television program explores the history and hardships of African-American farmers.  In the Black Farming History and Timeline sections, users can read about the key events and experiences of black farmers from Reconstruction to the present day. Additional resources at the site include related links, a bibliography, and materials for educators.
HORUS' History Links What HORUS' History Links lacks in annotation, it makes up for in coverage. While area or chronological meta-sites may have deeper coverage, HORUS is a good place to start for the study of any era or place in history. It covers geographical, chronological eras, and a few broad interdisciplinary areas.
I, Witness To History   Dedicated to preserving the memories of our elderly.  Transcripts and web pages reflecting personal recollections of POWs, the 1936 Olympic Games, a brief history of sheet music, growing up in the early 20th century, and more.
Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings This site, which guides users through the US Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation, will appeal to anyone who owns an old home or has an interest in historic preservation. Users can browse illustrated guidelines for specific building features and areas.  For each, the site offers a list of recommended and not recommended practices.
Images of American Political History Offers some 500 public domain images related to American political history from the colonial era to the present. Searchable by keyword or browseable by era. Images are offered as large thumbnails with brief captions.
Interactive Santa Fe Trail This site offers links to maps, pictures, book lists and reviews, online books, travel planning resources, biographies, discussion groups, and other historical information about the Santa Fe Trail and the states it passes through.  Includes visits to pioneer graves, information about current trail events, and original diaries and journals.
Internet History Sourcebooks Project  This is a great site for finding primary historical resources. The three primary historical sourcebooks cover Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History. Additional historical sourcebooks are organized by theme. In addition to full-text historical documents, one can find links to secondary articles, reviews, discussions, and more Web sites.
Internet Women's History Sourcebook This is a thorough set of links to primary sources in women's history world wide .  For major historical periods and for different continents and countries, you'll find documents on general resources, great women of that time and place, the structure of women's lives, women's agency, feminism (where present), women's oppression, and gender construction. 
The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project focuses on creating "a global exchange on the enduring consequences of the many historical tragedies of the 20th century." At the heart of the site are a set of indices which connect users to art and film thematically related to remembering and reacting to tragedy. Currently, the project is gathering and sharing reactions to the September 11 tragedy in a section titled In Remembrance.

Library of Congress American Memory Project Collections of photographs and sound recordings from the Library of Congress.  This magnificent site houses a collection of over 26 multimedia resources ranging from the African American Perspectives pamphlet series, to Early Motion Pictures 1897-1916, to the American Variety Stage 1870-1920, to Words and Deeds in American History.  Previews of some of the upcoming collections are available. American Memory Collection is an unmatched example of what a national library can provide digitally in terms of a portal into its own archival holdings, and into the history of a nation as well.
Lives, The Biography Resource A comprehensive guide to more than one thousand biographical information resources available on the Web. The briefly annotated guide indexes resources by individual names and also organizes resources into several collections, which collocate related resources according to subject, region, era, profession, etc. In addition, the guide includes Inside Lives, a section that features new and noteworthy sites covering biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, oral histories, personal papers, and more.
Lost and Found Sound: A Special Radio Series For the Millennium NPR presents this Website to accompany its ongoing Lost and Found Sound series, radio programs which look at everyday life in last 100 years by showcasing "lost treasures" of recorded sound such as a cassette tape sent to a little boy by his grandfather and left in a closet, or the field recordings made by Tony Schwartz in his New York City neighborhood in the 1940s and 50s. 
Making of America Site contains approximately 650,000 pages from 1,601 books and 10 journals with more than 49,000 articles which document American social history in the latter part of the 19th century. Making of America's features include full text search of all 650,000 pages, browseable bibliographies for the journal articles and the monographs. This site is notable not only for its sheer size and utility, but also for its use of Optical Character Recognition technology, which presents users with a searchable scanned image of the actual pages of the 19th century texts.
Modern Ruins Site showcases photos of various "modern ruins," decaying buildings or sites that still perhaps echo human presence.  Highlights include Ellis Island, Coney Island, the 1964 New York World's Fair pavilions, and the airplane graveyard.
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade A library of extensive contemporary works, including diaries, books, and letters (some full-text); an Archive of fur trade business records; a Gallery of artwork of the era, portraits, and maps; the Museum displays artifacts; a discussion group; an extensive list of related links; and Bibliographic Resources, with links to online research materials.  Site is searchable.
The Nanking Atrocities A well-researched site which documents the Japanese occupation of the Chinese capital of Nanking in 1937-38.  This site provides a narrative of the events surrounding the occupation, from the conflicts that preceded it to the "Reign of Terror" itself, concluding with a historical perspective from the 1990s. Considerable attention is given to the atrocities committed during the conflict, brought to life here through such means as interviews, soldiers's diaries, and graphic photos. A selected bibliography is available online.
National Archives and Records Administration NARA preserves history by maintaining federal documents, many of which are available to view on the site.  Be sure to check out the Exhibit Hall.
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Timelines, brief biographies, and a state map that links to lists of Underground Railroad sites are some of the features included at this location. One area allows the user to view personal family stories of those who were involved with the movement and to submit their own as well. Additionally there is a section that contains links to other relevant sites.
The New Deal Network  Seeks to "document the social and cultural legacy of the New Deal era." The site at present is highlighted by three sections: "Dear Mrs. Roosevelt," "TVA: Electricity for All," and "Debating the FDR Memorial." Each section contains an explanatory essay, along with archival documents or photographs. The site also contains a large selection of photographs (see the Library section), and a timeline that includes Roosevelt's first inaugural address and a Fireside Chat.
Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Offers a well-crafted, 20-part overview of Stanton and Anthony's lives and the nineteenth-century women's movement with streaming audio from the documentary. The Resources section of the site contains information on teaching the history of women's rights; selected articles, essays, and original documents; a biographical sketch of Stanton and Anthony; a suggested reading list; and annotated links. Other offerings include a discussion forum, essays on the current state of women's rights, a kids section, and an interview with the filmmakers.
Picturing the Century: One Hundred Years of Photography from the National Archives Picturing the Century is an appealing online exhibit of historically significant photographs from both well-known and amateur photographers. The gallery features 70 photographs under the headings A New Century, The Great War and the New Era, The Great Depression and the New Deal, A World in Flames (World War II), Postwar America, and Century's End.  The images are available for immediate printout.
Places Where Women Made History Highlights 74 historic properties in Massachusetts and New York that are listed in the National Register. Includes interactive maps, descriptions of each place's significance in women's history, photographs, information on public accessibility, essays on women's achievements in American history, and links to other pertinent Web sites.
Regional Alliance for Preservation The Alliance is a national network of preservation and conservation organizations dedicated to saving materials in cultural institutions. Includes a directory of sites with information on emergency preparedness and specific materials (e.g., books, ceramics, silver, paintings, paper, photographs, textiles, digital images). 
Russian History on the Web A guide to Web resources on Russian history.  Authored by a history professor, it includes sources that are reasonably accurate, neutral, and helpful for research.  Also includes audio and video recordings of Lenin.
Save Our Sounds Aims to save a part of U.S. history by restoring and copying historical recordings of the nation's significant speeches, songs, and stories. The project will focus on 140,000 holdings from the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress, which extend from the end of the 19th century to today and range from pow wow and polka music to speeches and slaves' oral histories.
Solemates: The Century in Shoes  This very attractive site is a joy for anyone with an ardor for footwear fashion. The heart of the site is a decade-by-decade look at shoes from the 1900s to the 1990s. Each decade features an illustrated introductory essay, six examples of representative footwear that can be examined in detail, period advertisements, and Quicktime clips of "Scenes from the Decade." 
Stories from the Gold Rush This site includes tales of Extraordinary Women, with biographical information and photos; the all-important Trails leading to the gold fields; pictures of tent cities; the effects of Starvation and Disease on the miners; mail and mail carriers; examples of literature of the period; read about avalanches and other dangers; learn of the rivalry between Skagway and Dyea over the miners; and other interesting facts at this site by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.
Talking History  Talking History is a weekly broadcast/ Internet radio program that "focuses on all aspects of history: how we recall it, how we preserve it, how we interpret it, how we transform it into myth, and how we pass it on -- as teachers, researchers, archivists, museum curators, documentary filmmakers, and so on."  At the site, users can listen to recent and archived programs (back to 1997) in their entirety, in high or low fidelity.
They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II This is a companion to a PBS film documenting the experiences and work of the more than 100 servicemen and civilians who served as combat artists in the Second World War.  At the site, users can browse a large gallery of paintings featured in the film, some of which are accompanied by remarks by the artist. Short biographies of the seven living artists featured in the film are provided, as is a list of related resources, including a history of World War II combat art programs.
Timelines of History This site delivers timelines of  world history, starting with the Big Bang and up to the present. Each entry provides a bibliographical record, with an explanation of abbreviations under References. Browse by spans of years or specific dates, country, states and a few U.S. cities or subject. Searchable.
USA 1840-1960  An eclectic and fascinating encyclopedia about the United States, from Great Britain. Includes slave accounts, extensive information on the slavery system, events, people involved and more. Other topics covered include magazines and newspapers, artists and illustrators, photographers, cartoonists, writers, theater and cinema, scientists, and political figures. Much of the material is biographical in nature.
The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War seeks to document the story of the Civil War as seen by the people of two communities in the Great Valley of the United States which were separated by only a few hundred miles: Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Augusta County, Virginia. Users can take a walking tour of the archive or search its rooms, which include Public Records, Newspapers, Letters and Diaries, Church Records, Military Records, or Maps and Images. Reference Center includes a bibliography, tools for using the archive, and examples from teachers who have used the project in the classroom.

Veterans History Project

A project by "the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to collect and preserve audio- and video-taped oral histories, along with documents such as letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and home movies, of America's war veterans and those who served in support of them during World War I, World War II, and the Korean, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf wars." The Project Kit includes "information and forms you

need to participate as a volunteer interviewer."

Victorian Station This site features Victorian-era architecture, fashion, home design, gardening, arts and crafts, restoration ideas and accessories, antique furniture, jewelry, and trivia. Historical information includes quotes from Queen Victoria's journal and a timeline.
WebChron: Historical and Cross-Cultural Chronologies Contains a series of linked chronologies that depict world, regional, and cross-cultural history. There is a major World History Chronology, and Regional Chronologies that range from Africa South of the Sahara to India and South Asia to North America. Cross-Cultural Chronologies include Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Western Civilization, and Technology.
WhoWhatWhen Searchers can type in a question or a date to find out what was happening when and to whom.
Witchcraft in Salem Village This site offers a number of primary documents and other materials related to the Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692. First and foremost of these are sizable collections of verbatim transcripts from the 1692 trials and narratives from witchcraft cases between 1648 and 1706. Both collections may be browsed or searched. Additional features at the site include the digitized full text of a 1693 treatise on witchcraft, a brief introduction to the Salem trials, a map of Salem village, and some answers to FAQs about witchcraft.
Within These Walls This Website from the National Museum of American History opens a door on the everyday history of American families from 1757 to 1945. The exhibit is organized around a house in Ipswich, Massachusetts and five of the different families that lived there over time. Visitors can click on one of the family names at the top of the page to bring up a thumbnail introduction to the family, images and descriptions of artifacts from their house, and a brief description of how they used one of the rooms of the house.  
Women of the West Museum  An online museum that seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of everyday women who lived in the West. The Museum features Programs, a Gallery, an Educational Resource Center, a Story Quilt that solicits contributions, and additional information on books and Websites related to the topic of women in the Western territories. The exceptional Feature Story, "There Are No Renters Here: Women's Lives on the Sod House Frontier", profiles the Oblinger family, sod house homesteaders in Nebraska in the 1870s, through descriptive, heart-felt letters and archived photographs.

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America and the Holocaust  This site offers a look at the Holocaust from the American perpective.  Includes primary documents, a bibliography, maps, timelines, people and places.
Avalon Project: Nuremberg War Crimes Trials  Provides full-text access to all trial proceedings as well as other documents.
Fortunoff Video Archive This is a collection of videotaped testimony of Holocaust survivors and witnesses.
The Holocaust Chronicle This site contains the full text of the book of the same name as well as a selection of the images, providing a detailed history of the atrocities committed by the German Nazis during World War II.  Brief histories of anti-Semitism and fascism, a background of Germany leading up to the war, and more are provided. Browsable by chapter and page, indexed alphabetically, and searchable by date.
Holocaust Denial: An Online Guide

Identifies prominent Holocaust-deniers, and discusses their motivations, tactics, and backgrounds.

Holocaust Denial on Trial Includes transcripts, evidence, and background info in the libel lawsuit of David Irving against Deborah Lipstadt, author of the book Denying the Holocaust.
Holocaust Survivors This is a moving and well-constructed site. This site, with its photo gallery, survivor stories, and especially the audio gallery, offers students or any visitor invaluable personal accounts of the Holocaust. To help users place these in the larger context, the site provides an historical introduction, an encyclopedia, a collection of primary documents and scholarly articles, a bibliography, and related links.
The Nazi Olympics: 1936 Berlin  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum presents this Web version of an exhibition depicting the 1936 Olympics. Using a variety of graphic materials such as photographs, posters, and newspaper clippings, accompanied by explanatory texts, the exhibition lays out this history in ordered sections from the rise of Nazism in Germany to concluding sections on World War II and the Holocaust. In between are sections like the Boycott and the Olympics.  The concluding image of the show is a table of photographs of Olympic athletes who died in the Holocaust.
Nizkor Project Provides a detailed examination of Holocaust deniers.  The Nuremberg Trials area includes many full-text trial transcripts.
The Shtetl Focuses on the fate of the large prewar Jewish community in Poland.
Simon Wiesenthal Center's Multimedia Learning Center Online  Includes encyclopedia entries for people, places, organizations, etc., virtual exhibits and many bibliographies for further study.
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust This site offers text, audio, video, photographs and links to other sites.  Sections include People, Victims, Arts, Timeline, Articles and Teacher Resources.
United States Holocaust Museum Offers online exhibits, educational resources, bibliographies, and a visitors' section.
Voices of the Holocaust  "First-hand accounts of incredible tales of horror, survival, and liberation of 70 victims of Nazi atrocities and oppression during World War II. The interviewees included farmers, lawyers, artists, carpenters and others from all economic levels, and covering many religions, nationalities, and languages from across Europe." The interviews were conducted in 1946 in displaced persons camps around Europe.
Voice Vision This is an oral history project and provides audio clips as well as text transcripts of survivors.
Web Genocide Documentation Center Includes links to many sites concerning genocide.  Also includes a section on appropriation of Holocaust-era assets.
Women and the Holocaust This site offers first-hand accounts of survivors.
Yad Vashem  This is the official site for Israel's Holocaust memorial.  Includes a chronology, bibliographies, a photo archive, and a section about those who aided Jews, the Righteous Among Nations.

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EDSITEment  A guide to humanities sites.
H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online The highlight is the H-Net List of Lists, a page containing over 75 scholarly discussion lists. In addition, H-Net includes: a Review Project with hundreds of book reviews that can be sorted by discussion list, author, reviewer, or date; a weekly Job Guide; and selected links to humanities and social science sites.
Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research Comprehensive, well organized meta-site with pointers to all areas of the humanities.  The organization of the pages is a hierarchy of disciplines, with pertinent cross-referencing.  A simple search form is also provided. Each link is accompanied by an author attribution, and many have concise summaries or quotations from the site.

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ABA Offers "access to resources designed with consumers in mind." The site is divided into eight sections: Family, Home, Job, Finances, Buying and Selling, Criminal Justice, and Finding a Lawyer. Each section contains links to resources provided by ABA, handbooks, glossaries, documents, and so forth. A good place to start for easy-to-understand, basic legal information.
American Legal Ethics Library Contains rules or codes, ethics opinions, judicial conduct codes, legal commentaries, and other materials relating to the law governing lawyers. Codes or rules are available for most of the nation's 50 states. Currently, the site also offers eleven commentaries on the "law of lawyering" for eleven different jurisdictions, written by legal scholars and major law firms in each jurisdiction's area.
Bitlaw: a Resource on Technology Law  A well-organized tool on technology law, this site contains over 1,800 pages on patent, copyright, trademark, and Internet legal issues. Topics included are Patent Law, Software Patents, Trademark Law, Internet Law, Legal Links, Copyright Law, Primary Sources, and Forms and Contracts.
Famous American Trials This site tells the stories of twelve famous trials from American history with a mix of images, primary documents, and analysis and overviews.  Most of the trial studies include biographical sketches, chronologies, maps, a number of complete or excerpted original documents, quotes from trial participants, images, bibliography and links, and description and commentary.
FindLaw Constitutional Law Center  The first section offers an annotated Constitution, commentary on selected topics with links to key sections of the Constitution or The Federalist Papers, a history of the Constitution, and brief biographies of notable "Founding Fathers" and delegates to the Constitutional Convention. The second section highlights the Third Branch of government, with a history of the Supreme Court, landmark decisions regarding civil rights with the full opinions, a summary and analysis of the criminal law and procedure decisions, and several links for current Supreme Court news and information. Site is searchable.
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources  One of the most comprehensive law resources on the Internet. It includes pointers to law schools, legal publishers, legal associations, statutes and laws judicial opinions and case law, law firms and lawyers, legal news, consultants and experts, and international law resources, among others.  Site is searchable.
Finding Court Opinions On The Web The site is a great one-stop resource for those requiring direct access to credible information now. Constructed logically and solidly, the site serves as a gateway to resources on Supreme, circuit, and district court links, as well as presents courts and cases on a state-by-state basis. 
The Guide to Law Online This metasite indexes online resources for legal information worldwide. Most of the resources are briefly annotated, and all are free, quality sources of information. 
Law News Network Current source for legal news.  Also includes opinion essays, discussion forums and employment ads.  Users can sign up to receive an daily email of the top legal news stories.
Legal Engine This metasite is a useful starting-point for any search for online legal information, pulling together a wide array of international, federal, state, and organizational resources. Links are organized in numerous sections, including Caselaw, specific Legal Topics (Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property, Family Law, etc.), Reference Aids, Trial Advocacy, and Federal Rules, among others.
Sourcebook of Criminal Law Statistics, 1998  Compiled from more than 100 sources, the Sourcebook is presented in six sections (system characteristics, public opinion, offenses known, arrests, judicial processing, and corrections).  Additional resources include a subject index, an annotated bibliography, technical appendixes, and a list of source publishers with contact information. Divided topically or can be searched by keyword.
WRIT  This new online magazine from FindLaw is aimed at both the legal community and "all Americans interested in law and its impact on our culture."  Well-written and engaging, the premier issue of WRIT should appeal to a wide range of readers.

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Existentialism: An Introduction An overview of basic existentialism, including profiles of Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl, Karl Jaspers, Franz Kafka, Soren Kierkegaard, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jean-Paul Sartre. 
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet This guide is divided into fourteen major categories, including general guides, topics, e-texts, jobs, associations, bibliographies, mailing lists, newsgroups, and philosophers. Recommended sites are marked with a red star. There are brief annotations for listed sites.
Philosophy Around the Web Comprehensive page of links to all things philosophical. There are links to philosophy departments all over the world, a large selection of annotated and rated links to individual philosophy pages, "living philosophers" pages, and mostly dead philosophers pages from Apollonius of Tyana to Arthur M. Young. Also provided are pointers to philosophy journals, Usenet news groups, discussion lists, IRC's, conference and seminar listings, world wide philosophy job openings, and several of the author's own writings.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Each entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia is maintained and kept up to date by experts in the field. As a result, the entries and the Encyclopedia as a whole are responsive to new developments in the field.  Additional resources include an internal search engine and an archive of the previous three editions of the Encyclopedia.

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Psychology Offers a substantial collection of psychology resources for professionals and interested users. Designed as a portal for psychology information, PsycPORT features breaking psychology news stories; information on forthcoming and current books; recent tables of contents, abstracts, and some full-text articles for related journals; PsycINFO Direct, a fee-based abstract database (free demo available); and access to PsychCrawler, the APA's psychology search engine.
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law Nonprofit organization devoted to advocacy for the legal rights of those with mental disabilities. Contains substantial information on the legal aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), aging, disabled children, fair housing, mental health care, and advance directives. Offers frequent alerts on new legislation and court cases relating to mental health law.

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Religion & Theology

A broad collection of Islamic resources digitized by the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project.  This site presents a Shi'ite perspective with pictures and many texts, including articles, books, and the Qur'an in Arabic and English. Resources cover topics ranging from Ramadhan to Islamic Law; texts can be browsed by subject. also features Muslim responses to the events of September 11, 2001. Also available in Arabic.

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search This site is essentially a search page gateway, the site allows users to perform keyword and advanced searches of over 25 online Bible and religious studies resources.  Most of the sites and discussion lists included are well-recognized scholarly resources.
All About Mormons Introductory site to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), contains the history, practices, and culture of the Mormons. Questions about Mormon daily life and beliefs are answered; testimonies, newsletter archive, and Mormon-Chat provide plenty of information about LDS thought and activities.  Links to the Book of Mormon, church news, and a searchable list of LDS churches in Canada and the USA are provided.
American Religion Links  Pages of links arranged by subject.  Recommended links provide an objective narrative of a person, group or historical event or should furnish uncopyrighted primary source material. the Consensus and Conflict section reflect the central tenets of an American group or sect.
Beliefnet: Multifaith Information This multifaith, independent site is focused on providing religious, spiritual, and moral information and inspiration from a spectrum of religious and spiritual beliefs. The site includes news, discussions, culture, prayer, links to sacred texts, pages for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions and spiritual beliefs. There are columns written by a wide variety of scholars, and a glossary of religion terms.
Buddhism in the US  AsiaSource has recently placed online a special report on Buddhism in the United States. The site features a number of articles and commentaries, links to temples and Buddhist associations, online magazines, and other resources.
Catholic Encyclopedia  Online encyclopedia of all things Catholic.  Arranged alphabetically.  Also includes Summa Theologica, councils, synods and canons, and the writings of the Church fathers (also listed alphabetically).
The Hindu Universe Metasite of Hindu websites.  Links are organized by topic, which include Arts; Temples and Organization; Customs; Languages; Worship; Interfaith Relations; Internet, Books & Resources; God, Sages & Gurus; Dharma & Philosophy; Sciences; Hindus Around the World; Scriptures; History; and Social & Contemporary Issues.  Site is searchable.
Introduction to Islam Sponsored by the Middle East Institute, the purpose of this book is to convey to a non-Muslim audience
an understanding of Islam, its history, culture, and contribution to civilization.  Includes an easy-to-read text, maps, charts, pictures, and drawings, and relevant verses of the Qur'an. Site pages can be read in order or users can jump to chapters listed in the Table of Contents.
Islam: Empire of Faith Aims to take a broad view of the many facets of ancient Islamic art and culture. The main sections of this site are Faith, Art, Innovation, and Profiles. In Innovation, users can read entries on the contributions made by Islam in the fields of Algebra & Trigonometry, Engineering, Astronomy, Medicine, and Paper & Publishing. 
Judaism 101 An online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs. My goal is to make freely available a wide variety of basic, general information about Judaism, written from a traditional perspective in plain English.  Offers handy guide to lead users to the most appropriate section.
Judaism & Jewish Resources Annotated list of Jewish Resources on the Internet. Subject areas include Central Services, FTP archives, Mailing lists, the State of Israel, News and Media, Usenet, FAQ & Reading Lists, Lubavitch, Jewish Learning, Products and Services, Jewish Communities, Yiddish, Hebrew, Sephardi, Arts, Museums and Exhibitions, Jewish Organizations,   Archaeology, Internet Relay Chat, Libraries, Books, Jewish Studies, Calendar, Travels, Kashrut, Holocaust, Other Index Links, and Links to Other Pages.
Multifaith & Religion Sites  Annotated index of Internet resources about a variety of religions.
Not Just Bibles: A Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet  List of links.  Sections include Bibles, Internet Tools, Mail Based Services, Anonymous FTP Sites, Gopher Servers, Christian College Web Sites, Alphabetical Web Site Index, Web Sites Subject Index, Electronic Newsletters & Journals, Bulletin Boards, and USENET News groups.
Protestant Reformation Includes writings of Reformation leaders (especially Martini Luther), information about the Anabaptist groups, and pictures.  Site is searchable.

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library

A searchable, annotated directory of sites on Zen centers, organizations, institutions, documents, writings, electronic newsletters and journals, teachers, and koans. Also features a calendar of anniversaries and festivals and a list of names given to students and

teachers active within the Zen tradition.

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American Studies Recommendations  This metapage offers a well-organized collection of select (unannotated) links for American Studies. The selectiveness of the site and its easy-to-use design make this an excellent starting point for anyone searching for online resources for American Studies and related topics.
SocioSite: Going Dutch Sociology This site is a large meta-site that is international in scope.  Its main page contains annotated pointers to sites in 24 main topic areas from data archives to subject areas. Sites are accompanied by brief annotations, and when geographic breakouts are available, they often contain the Dutch, then European, then non-European sites.
SOSIG--Social Science Information Gateway One of the UK's finest social science resource metapages. The SOSIG catalog links to thousands of social science research and education resources, selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist. Users can browse by subject or search by title, description, keywords, country, or language. Librarians may also be interested in SOSIG's subject guides, which can be downloaded for free from the document archive.
Women's Issues in the 3rd World This site is an annotated directory of sites related to a variety of women's issues within third world countries. Subjects include child marriages, honor killings, health issues, marriage customs, and much more. Searchable.

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